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Digital Compliance and Operational Risk Management Solutions

About Complianex

Complianex specializes in providing compliance and operational risk management solutions in the digital assets industry. We have been helping our clients manage compliance risk and structuring business activities to identify route to market. We also advise on the asset tokenisation projects, partnering with global law firm and regulated exchanges, to structuring offerings and helping clients to access wider group of investors and asset liquidity.

About Us
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Why Choose Us

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15+ Years of Experience

Virtual Assets Expertise

Certified AML Professional


Data-driven Investigation

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Why Choose Us

Complianex understands the importance of effectiveness, efficiency, and agility of companies’ competitive efforts. We use our sound AML experience in both traditional financial and virtual asset industry to establish and strengthen our clients’ key compliance framework and practices.


Innovation is always important in every industry. The rise of virtual assets financial business increases the significance of pioneering ideas in compliance field. Virtual assets break a lot of boundaries in financial industry and introduce a lot of uncertainties. Whilst there are more regulations to be established regarding these assets in the future, we, as a compliance consultant, must be flexible enough to adopt the changes and strengthen regulations. Our team have tracked experiences in FinTech, virtual assets exchanges and virtual assets OTC trading platform. Complianex has the expertise to analyse the regulatory environment to provide the best suitable compliance solution for our clients to navigate in the uncharted territories.

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