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Our services

We provide worldwide legal, compliance, and strategy advice to implement Blockchain in your business.

KYC / AML Services

KYC stands for Know Your Customer and under Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations, crypto companies must conduct KYC to ensure that their customers are trusted individuals.

KYC and AML for crypto companies allows them to stay fully compliant and combat money-laundering, terrorism financing an other criminal activities. We provide both services with high quality standard in professional way.   

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On-going Support

Our investigation team provides investigations and comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis to present reports to partners such as financial institutions, government agencies, and other linked enterprises. 

On-site/ Off-site Review

By monitoring crypto transactions and connections 24/7 in real-time, also we will identify transaction owners and transaction patterns. With observing customer connections for potential risk exposure, we discover sender and recipient information & source of funds. In the meantime we also create comprehensive reports for clients.

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Fintech Advisory

Financial crimes are a constant threat to the business. Regulatory environment is also evolving to meet the various challenges. We assist to design, enhance your compliance program to meet regulatory obligations for your registration & licensing needs.

Asset Tokenisation

Tokenisation is a capability that leverages blockchain technology to securitise assets, both traded and non-traded. The benefits of tokenisation including increase in liquidity, faster settlement, lower costs and bolstered risk management, etc.

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